Aerophonoscope, the ultimate tool to communicate about children’s respiratory health

The ultimate wireless tool for observing breathing, diagnosing vascular function and rehabilitating the airways.

View results on your computer, tablet or smartphone via a simple Bluetooth connection.

Use cases

The Aero is a diagnostic, rehabilitation and communication tool for :

  • Observing proper breathing,
  • Diagnosis of vascular function.

The Aero is manufactured by the Orqual Group and complies with CE standards



PC, Mac, iOS and Android. (Bluetooth required)


The equipment includes 5 sensors: 3 for flow (right nasal, left nasal and mouth), 1 for sound and 1 for laryngeal vibrations.

2 interfaces

The Aero is available with both wired (USB) and wireless (Bluetooth) connections.


Hardware is covered by a 1-year warranty.


An Aero diagnosis is included in the CCAM nomenclature. (GKQP011 procedure: computerized aerodynamic analysis of phonation)


Disposable or cold-sterilizable protective caps available.

The Aero has a wide range of applications :

  • For Orthodontists : as communication and demo support for parents.
  • For speech therapists : as part of their assessments and rehabilitation.
  • Phoniatrists and ENT specialists : for nasal ventilation and speech studies.
  • Maxillo-facial surgeons : for ventilation assessments, soft palate functional capacity assessments and respiratory rehabilitation, particularly in cases of cleft palate

For orthodontists

The Aero can be used to establish a ventilatory assessment, including :

  • Comparative study of nasal cavity permeability,

  • Screening for mixed-mouth ventilation,

  • Screening for respiratory insufficiency, enabling you to set up a TO 180,

  • Examination comparison, to prove that your treatment improves the child’s ventilation (in particular with maxillary expansions or disjunctions).

For speech therapists

The Aero allows you to perform ventilofacial diagnostics and assessments on your patients.

The re-education module, using the plane and the clown, enables you to work with children in a fun, educational environment.
You’ll find scientific studies and clinical examinations by Mme Mari-Eve Lendre, a speech therapist who created a didactic website on her possibilities as part of her dissertation. Find documentation for speech therapists….

For phoniatrists and ENT specialists

The Aero presentation by Dr Gabriel ROUSTEAU, phoniatrist at Nantes University Hospital.

As part of the check-ups carried out with the Aero, the new 2015 CCAM includes a procedure dedicated to doctors : GKQP011.

For improved communication

Between the practitioner, patient and parents: your patients can visualize dysfunctions and the effects of treatment, and therefore support your approach.

Our software offers playful rehabilitation modules: you can visualize results graphically, and patients can see their breathing on a car speedometer, a clown’s smile or the flight of an airplane.

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